Fusion’s 7th Anniversary

Today marks Fusion’s seventh year on our incredible journey as a company. Thank you to our loyal customers, suppliers, and the Fusion team for helping us create another progressive and successful year. Let’s create another fabulous year.

Stay Professional. Innovative. Nimble.

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Fusion’s Five Add-Ons from GMAIL

Fusionites, Google Mail, also known as GMAIL has made it even easier for us to receive our emails. Listed below are the our favorite add-ons from CIO’s Top 15 Add-Ons.

1. Add GCal and GDocs Gadgets

This add-on allows you to see your calendar on the side of your gmail account.

2. Add Third-Party Gadgets

Do you love real estate? Want to check what is going on ESPN? Well, there is an add-on that allows you to view third party gadgets and sites.

3. Create Documents from Emails

Yes, we all love Google Docs, well imagine being able to create your own document from your email account.

4. Email Labels

With the email labels, you are able to categorize you whole email account. The “Priority” Label was the first, but with labels you can readily access your emails by their type.

5. Smart Mute

Do you ever get tired of the entire “Carbon Copy Chain” where you were cc’ed to the email, yet the email no longer pertains to you, now you can just “mute” the conversation and you have broken your copy of the chain.

Stay Innovative. Professional. Nimble.


CIO: http://www.cio.com/article/689930/15_Add_Ons_to_Become_a_Gmail_Power_User?page=13#slideshow

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The Top Five from InformationWeek 500

Last week, Information Week released its top 500 CIO Innovators in InformationWeek 500. The list includes companies that you would not typically expect to be the innovators in technology, for instance, Levi Strauss or Catalina Marketing. Listed below are the top five of the list. Enjoy!


Bellevue, Wash.

Key Strategy: To develop an on-board network to collect data from sensors to warn of performance problems, a navigation system crafted to meet the needs of truckers, and wireless links to send that data back to dispatchers so they have real-time information on a truck’s location and performance.


No. 2: Levi Strauss

San Francisco, Calif.

Key Strategy: Levi Strauss is using social media to redefine how the company relates to its customers. It was the first major retailer to add Facebook’s “Like” button to its commerce site and also created the first Facebook-oriented social shopping experience, where customers can share “Likes” and purchases through their Facebook networks.


No. 3: Waste Management

Houston, Texas

Key Strategy: Waste Management created a price-optimization system that uses statistical models of the factors that drive market prices in each of its 25 regions, giving pricing managers the data they need to better negotiate with customers and provide insight into whether to raise prices or not.


No. 4: Quintiles

Durham, N.C.

Key Strategy: Quintiles launched Infosario to help drug makers safely get new drugs to market by providing a suite of systems to manage pharmaceutical processes, do analytics, and store and manage data.


No. 5: Catalina Marketing

St. Petersburg, Fla.

Key Strategy: Catalina Marketing uses in-database processing to more quickly analyze the massive amount of data it has on shoppers, producing within seconds predictive models that used to take hours. That has helped increase coupon redemption rates from around 1% to as high as 25% in some cases.


Source: http://www.informationweek.com/news/galleries/global-cio/interviews/231601038?pgno=1

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Latest Events

Fusion reps attended the WE Energies Supplier Diversity Symposium, yesterday, September 8, 2011, in Milwaukee, WI. It was a pleasure to meet all attendees, and we look forward to exceeding your business objectives.  Fusion reps will also be attending the Marketplace 2011, Oct 12 -13, 2011 and the AT&T Supplier Diversity Symposium, September 20, 2011.

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Fusion’s 8(a) Business Development Renewal

Fusion recently submitted its 8(a) Business Development Annual Review and are pleased to continue to participate in another year with the program.


The 8(a) Business Development Program is a subsidiary of the SBA(Small Business Act) Program. The SBA Program allows businesses with diverse backgrounds by providing financial assistance, counseling and training, contracting and Civil Rights Compliance.


For more information on the SBA Program, go to sba.gov.

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Fusion’s 2011 Annual Open House

Fusion is hosting its Annual Open House in Green Bay. Come out at the end of your work day on September 15th and enjoy a few hours filled with short panel discussions on key Fusion technology initiatives, networking, food & refreshments, music with Fusion. RSVP at http://2011fusionopenhouse.eventbrite.com.

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Fusion Renews Oracle Membership

Fusion is proud to announce that it’s IT group has renewed it Oracle Membership as a Silver Partner. As a Silver Partner, Fusion will continue to provide technology services and solutions with the highest level of quality to all our clients.

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President Obama plans to give major speech in September

As analyst project that America might end up in another recession, many are anticipating President Obama’s speech for major jobs that will take place in early September. According to the Associated Press, the speech will be focused on poor and middle class groups.
This speech is significant because it will take place immediately after the Labor Day holiday, and is the kick-off for his re-election campaign.

The Bottom Line:
The speech will address new ideas will be fresh and new, and according to sources, no recently presented ones will be re-hashed. We should look forward to the following agenda for his speech
• Tax cuts
• Jobs-boosting infrastructure ideas
• Targets to help the long-term

Green Bay Press Gazette. President Barack Obama to give Major Jobs Speech, Source Tells

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The Cloud Middleman

Today’s technology allows the consumer to take power into their own hands. Before there was a need to have a traveling agent, personal shopper or stylist, or even apartment hunters, however, due to recent technology innovations, the need for these services have been substituted by internet services that allow the consumer to find the best options for them.

In the article, Savitz talks about the need for a cloud service middleman. Since its introduction, the cloud has steadily replaced the need for servers, long projected cycles and procure and manage, however the need for an IT integrator has not diminished. “If you think booking your own business travel is complicated, try implementing SAP by yourself,” says Savitz.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that customers need a middleman that does not direct them to the best server to use nor SELL them a long-term cycle; they need someone who will integrate a server that will not only be cheaper and efficient, but will speak the language of the company. What is best for the overall company’s performance and how it will fit into the company’s overall landscape moving forward.

Savitz, Eric. Next-Generation IT: Why We Need A Cloud Middleman. Forbes. 14 August 2011.

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ExxonMobil Research and Engineering and HoneyWell’s UOP form Strategic Alliance

According to Business Wire, Exxonmobil and Honeywell have formed a strategic alliance. The alliance will be between ExxonMobil’s Research and Engineering (EMRE) company and Honeywell’s UOP group. The result of the alliance will be a “suite of lube and advanced fuels hydroprocessing and engineering capabilities to companies in the refining sector.”
EMRE offers hydroprocessing technology for motor oil and UOP offers high-quality feed-stocks to produces premium lubricants. The alliance is limited to marketing licensing.
The Bottom Line:
The alliance will produce the following:
• Integrated process design solution
• Hydrocracking and Hydroprocessing solutions for fuels and lubes
Business Wire. ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company and Honeywell’s UOP Form Strategic Alliance. Business Wire. 3 August 2011.

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