A New “Second Skin” that merges technology, engineering and biology?

The new second skin, a “circuit-board” patch is  replacing former methods of monitoring patients by  wireless means. Many practitioners have been looking for a means to monitor their patients by wireless and effortlessly and this  patch allows them to do such. The days of patients being hooked up to monitors, machines and other contraptions may end very soon.

The “electronic tattoo” weighs a tenth of a gram and the wearer barely notices the patch because it is able to breath and stretches as the patient moves. This relieves patients of the bonding irritants that modern sensors use.

The Bottom Line:

  • Less energy and less machines are needed to monitor patients, allowing medical facilities to lower cost.
  • Patients are less prompted to pull off monitor due to comfortableness.
  • Monitoring will be continuous and uninterrupted by electrical surges or issues.
Stay Innovative. Professional. Nimble.
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