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The Changing Times: Siemens to Stop Nuclear and Focus on Renewables

As a sign of changing times, Siemens, Europe’s largest engineering companywill stop investing in nuclear power and will start focusing on renewables. Renewables are renewable energy that is generated from a natural source. A natural source can include wind, sunlight, … Continue reading

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A New “Second Skin” that merges technology, engineering and biology?

The new second skin, a “circuit-board” patch is  replacing former methods of monitoring patients by  wireless means. Many practitioners have been looking for a means to monitor their patients by wireless and effortlessly and this  patch allows them to do such. The … Continue reading

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Wonderware Seminar

Recently Fusion reps attended the Wonderware Seminar in Madison, Wisconsin and we look forward to following up with attendees and helping meet your objectives. Fusion is a registered Wonderware Integrator and our engineers have an expertise in the area of … Continue reading

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UWM awarded $1.5 million to help businesses cut energy waste

The Department of Energy has aearded the Univeisty of Wisconsin – Milwaukee $1.5 million to re-establish an “industrial assessment center” program to train engineeringstudents in energy management concepts. The program’s faculty and students will also consult with small and mid-sized manufaccturing … Continue reading

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Fusion’s 7th Anniversary

Today marks Fusion’s seventh year on our incredible journey as a company. Thank you to our loyal customers, suppliers, and the Fusion team for helping us create another progressive and successful year. Let’s create another fabulous year. Stay Professional. Innovative. Nimble.

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Fusion’s Five Add-Ons from GMAIL

Fusionites, Google Mail, also known as GMAIL has made it even easier for us to receive our emails. Listed below are the our favorite add-ons from CIO’s Top 15 Add-Ons. 1. Add GCal and GDocs Gadgets This add-on allows you … Continue reading

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The Top Five from InformationWeek 500

Last week, Information Week released its top 500 CIO Innovators in InformationWeek 500. The list includes companies that you would not typically expect to be the innovators in technology, for instance, Levi Strauss or Catalina Marketing. Listed below are the … Continue reading

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Latest Events

Fusion reps attended the WE Energies Supplier Diversity Symposium, yesterday, September 8, 2011, in Milwaukee, WI. It was a pleasure to meet all attendees, and we look forward to exceeding your business objectives.  Fusion reps will also be attending the … Continue reading

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