Fusion Integrated Solutions

Solutions Development Process

Doing More with Less!  More Reliable!  More Throughput! More Product-mix!  Fewer Resources!

Fusion enables our Clients meet those challenging demands throughout the Solutions Development Life Cycle.  Innovative * Professional * Nimble.  We know that every project is unique; so Fusion flexes to support the unique requirements of its Clients. Whether you require a single-disciplined or multi-disciplined approach or a turnkey solution, Fusion will integrate a solution to meet your needs.

Analysis & Planning. On-site expansion and upgrading legacy equipment are pragmatic considerations to achieve the most cost-effective objectives.  Fusion provides objective technical and consulting Analysis and Planning for equipment and process upgrades, expansions or replacements.  Fusion's vast experience drives effective project conceptualization, technical feasibility studies and cost analysis that define the potential facility, utility, spacial, operational and maintenance impact. Fusion leverages 3-dimensional models and Laser Scanning techniques to ensure sound project concepts and anticipate problems early to limit costly investments.

Project Development & Integration.  Fusion engineers and designers take Project Concepts, at varying stages of development, and create Functional Specifications and Design Basis to define the project in terms of process flow diagrams, floor layouts, space utilization, automation concepts, control narratives, schedules and the basic description of the operation.  These tools are then applied to the execution of Detailed Design documents and Process Control & Automation Design Packages ready for machining, building, assembling, installation and programming.

Implementation.  Fusion develops and leads Pre-startup Inspection, Commissioning and Technology Transfer & Training activities.  We believe that the best start-ups involve the operational and maintenance teams early in this phase, collaboratively developing pre-startup checklists, Operational Care procedures, and Maintenance Systems which enable a project to successfully transition from start-up to sustainable rates.  Fusion's Technology Transfer & Training capabilities are highly customized from simple startup coordination services to fully documented systems on electronic and traditional media that facilitate technology transfer to multiple sites and installations.  And, Fusion's highly experienced Process Operations Leaders provide continuous on-shift training and problem solving leadership to ensure successful startups.