Fusion Integrated Solutions

Fusion's Integrated Solutions

Many of our Clients are required to "do more with less". Our Clients' production facilities are challenged to increase throughput, improve reliability, improve product quality, increase product diversity, improve personnel safety, and reduce delivered cost. These demands are often accompanied by resource constraints, aging legacy equipment, and limited budgets.

Fusion helps our Clients meet those challenges by leveraging our diverse experiences in Consulting, Design, and Reliability Engineering. Our innovative industrial design team provides customized solutions for equipment integration, upgrades, retrofits, and controls programming for industrial and commercial facilities.

Innovative * Professional * Nimble.  While Fusion excels at Project Delivery, our systems are flexible to meet a variety of Professional Services needs, including Dedicated Staffing of our Fusion Team Members and extending the careers of our Clients' former employees.

And, Fusion always seeks to team with other firms to add value to project opportunities.

To better understand how Fusion can help you meet your objectives, please contact us at solutions@fusion-etc.com or +1-920-593-4200.