Solutions and Services for Electronic Health Record

Fusion Integrated Solutions, LLC is a technology consulting firm providing solutions and services to deploy and manage Electronic Health Records (EHR). Our goal is to provide hospitals with implementation services, upgrades & enhancements to EHR certification initiatives with use of certified technology resources under guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Centers for Medical & Medicare Services (CMS).


  • Requirements gathering/assessment of current EHR processes and current IT Infrastructure for eligible hospital clients and healthcare organizations.
  • Provide client recommendation for EHR certification guidelines including timelines & registration processes.
  • Implementation of certified EHR process to solidify CMS Incentives, this may include either: (1) meaningful use by adoption/implementation/upgrade of existing EHR or (2) implementation of certified EHR complete application solution.
  • Train staff on use of improved and/or new system.
  • Look ahead and proactively prepare clients for upcoming EHR/CMS certifications, including use of tablet PC's.

Fusion is comprised of the next generation of technologists providing comprehensive solutions for healthcare providers to manage every stage of their full Healthcare technology system life cycle. Our primary mission is to provide EHR solutions and services to help healthcare providers manage requirement definition, implementations, migrations, development, system testing, upgrades and production management. A typical Fusion consultant has over 8 years of experience within healthcare industries & Public Sector healthcare providers.

Fusion offers a custom-built "horizontal" EHR module, designed from the beginning for various types of hospital and/or healthcare specialties.